Hey there πŸ‘‹, I’m Wes, a Product Designer.
I’m here to help those who look to realize their digital curiosities through strategy, visuals and code. Feel free to say hi πŸ“₯, or view my CV πŸ“„, or find me on LinkedIn πŸ™Œ.
A bit about myself:
Here’s just a couple quick notes about my time as a designer:
  • 6+
    Years helping clients design, ship, and build products
  • 8+
    Products launched over the course of my career
  • ~20k
    Cups of coffee β˜• needed to make some of this work happen

Google Shopping Express

Google Shopping Express
Can our couriers have just as good of an experience as our customers?
Our team was able to increase efficiency of our grocery deliveries in the following ways:
  • 750
    New Google Shopping Express couriers onboarded
  • 150%
    Increase in rate of grocery deliveries per day
  • 95%
    Percentage of fulfilled orders without missing items

Capital One Apex

Capital One Apex
How might we re-imagine banking to fit the needs of every customer, not just some?
Our team was able to increase efficiency in our bank operations in the following ways:
  • 1,200
    New appointments made with Money Coaches over 6 months
  • 125%
    Increase in banking and card applications per day
  • 1
    Unified back end architecture and design system

Playstation Now

Sony Playstation Now
Can we make streaming a game just as simple as streaming a movie?
Our team was able to increase subscriber numbers in the following ways:
  • 100%
    New conversions from free trials to subscribers
  • 221%
    Increase in new subscribers for Playstation Now over 1 year
  • 5
    Launched on five different platforms across ecosystem

Google Identity

Google Identity
How can we build transparency and trust with users from cultures across the world?
Our team was able to effectively push new identity/security features:
  • 250%
    Users who successfully passed new account recovery flow
  • 1.8b
    Number of users who received the new user consent policy
  • 1.7m
    New downloads of Google Authenticator in app stores

Capital One Elements

Capital One Elements
What do customers need from a credit card? How can we make a card their own?
Our team was able to gather data on credit operations in the following ways:
  • 4.8/5
    NPS score from initial Elements pilot experience
  • 5,200
    Number of sign ups/interest in a new credit program
  • 10
    Number of new cards launched for the initial pilot


Channels for Slack
How can we add an organic social discovery platform to Slack connects people through similar interests?
I was able to help define and design a new social discovery experience by adding:
  • Social
    Designed search for people and events beyond hashtags
  • Predictive Threads
    Threads can predict people and media to add to chat
  • Community Impact
    Users can measure their overall community engagement

Other Projects

Other Projects
It’s important to stay hungry and foolish when it comes to extra-carriculars.
I enjoy taking on smaller projects and freelance opportunities too:
  • Nvidia
    Helped re-design NVIDIA.com for the NVIDIA Shield launch
  • Yahoo
    Freelance work for a Yahoo Finance redesign
  • Carnival
    Helped design and launch the crew mobile experience